About Us


Designer and creator of THEHOOKUP, Farvardin Fathi (a.k.a. Fafa) loves creating stylish products that help turn troublesome issues into stress-free situations. Her vision for THEHOOKUP began in 2006 when Ms.Fathi’s sister’s Birkin bag was stolen off the back of a cafe chair. Always on the lookout to prevent problems with simple solutions, Ms.Fathi worked with San Francisco engineering firm Think2Build to invent and design THEHOOKUP; a fashionable purse hanger with a unique patented hinge that converts from a heart-shaped purse charm to an S-shape hook with one quick twist. THEHOOKUP is also unique in comparison to the competition as it is able to hang from just about any surface (door, chair, table, etc.), keeping your treasured possessions clean and safe at all times.

Ms.Fathi received her degree in fashion design in Paris at Esmod (École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode), the world’s first and oldest fashion design school. She later continued her studies in product, material, and interior design at New York City’s Parsons The New School for Design. Her passion for creating products that both emphasize beauty and ingenuity continue to be a driving force in her career today.

Our Editorial Staff
THEHOOKUP’s blog hosts many writers that work deep within the fashion industry and have a passion for beauty and style. We pride ourselves on our unique articles and in-depth understanding of such an ever-changing industry.

We are always on the hunt for more passionate beauty insiders. If you would like to contribute to our blog please contact us at team@thehookup.com