Springtime Cardigan Trends

The wonderful thing about cardigans is that they are an incredibly versatile piece of clothing. Once winter comes to an end many individuals pack their cardigans away thinking that they won’t need them in the coming months. However, this is not actually the case. Cardigans can be a wonderful addition to spring/summertime outfits if you have the right style and color in your closet.c2

The Best Cardigan Choices for Spring 2013:

  • Bold stripes are a wonderful choice when it comes to a springtime cardigan. Stripes can bring an outfit together and add some personality to an otherwise bland outfit. Colorful stripes are great to wear during the day as they tend to be more casual and url-1will help to keep you warm on a breezy springtime day.
  • Knit cardigans can also be a great asset to your springtime wardrobe. This style is great for a casual day out and gives a very nautical, girl next door look.
  • Floral print cardigans are another great addition to any closet. Floral prints help to add wonderful color and vibrancy to any outfit. A great look to pair with a floral cardigan is a pair of nice jeans and ballet shoes.
  • Light silk cardigans are also a great look for springtime. Pair this lighter cardigan with a cute tank top and cropped jeans to give you a casual, sophisticated look.
  • Bright, neon colored cardigans are a popular pick this season. Bold colors that enhance your hair color and skin tone are always going to look amazing and this season they also happen to be an it trend. Choose the length of your cardigan depending on your height and overall outfit to ensure that you look your very best.url
  • Cardigans with embellishments can really turn a cardigan from casual daytime wear to a great nighttime asset. A cardigan with sequins or another embellished design is perfect for a date night or for when going out on the town with friends.

Cardigans are light and comfortable to wear, which is always a huge bonus in a woman’s wardrobe. Mixing and matching all of your pieces of clothing together and layering can help bring an outfit together and really make you shine. Adding a cardigan to your look will not only enhance your overall style but help you stay warm as well!

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