How do you use your TheHookUp?
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Thank you for your efforts to have the Hook delivered on time. My guests received the Hook with comments such as, beautiful, elegant, well proportioned, and last but not least, “finally a shower gift that will be useful and not thrown away”. As a matter of fact many started using it on the spot in the ceremony and many bags were seen hanging around the tables with the Hook.
Hanan Harik, 7/14/09, MI
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I found a new use for your hook-up! When I was in the hospital following cancer surgery, I used it to hook my cell phone to the side rail of my bed. Then, the first night when the nurses got me up to brush my teeth, I went to the sink and found there was no knob or anywhere to hang the handle of my catheter bag. Big dilemma!So I quickly grabbed my hook-up from the side rail of the bed and used it to hang the catheter bag on the edge of the sink while I happily brushed my teeth. I am increasingly finding that I can’t do with it. Keep ‘em comin’I
Sherrie Spendlove 9/20/09 CA
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My Mom tells me that when she has her hookup on her little black vintage purse, she gets all sorts of compliments about the beauty of her heart ;) & several friends have already asked her where she has purchased her elegant purse accessory…
Parisa T. 7/10/09
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I simply love my gift. It was so sweet of you to send it to me.. And i will buy some for presents.. Now i have a place to hang my purse and not sit it on the floor. Yea.. Sending you love! Xx goldie.
Goldi H. 9/19/09
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I love my heart and my bags love it even more!
June Ambroise 2/14/11