The Best Looking Lipstick Shades This Spring

l1  With seasonal change comes change in color trends. This is especially true for lipstick shades. Many women have a wide variety of lipstick shades they wear year round, but don’t realize which colors are best to wear during a given season. It can also be a daunting task to buy a new shade of lipstick if you don’t know exactly which color is popular at the moment. Thus, we’ve compiled a succinct list that will help lead you in the right direction when it comes to finding the best shade for you this spring.

The best shades of lipstick for spring 2013:

  • A pretty floral color that looks almost wine stained. A woman can never go wrong with a vibrant color that does a wonderful job enhancing a great smile. This color also looks fabulous on women with a nice tan as it helps to add a glow to the overall appearance of an individual.l3
  • Orange lipstick has been a breakout star for celebrities this season. However, most women are intimidated by this color at first. If this is the case for you, start with a nice orange shade of lip gloss that is not quite as bold and work your way up to a heavier orange lipstick.
  • Rose is another very popular lip shade this spring. It might initially be hard to figure this color out, but it’s actually very easy to master with some concentration. Women need to look in the mirror and find a shade of lipstick a few shades darker than their standard red/pink tints (think of a rose). This color is perfect for women trying to maintain a natural look during the day.
  • This season salmon has also become another hot lip color sported by celebrities on the red carpet. This color looks amazing on women with blue and green eyes.  l2When wearing this shade always use a lip liner that matches your lipstick. The combination of both will help bring out the pleasant salmon shade and really make your lips stand out.
  • Women who love bold colors will love the bright red shade that is an “it” lip color for 2013. This shade is very bright and bold but can really make a statement if worn correctly.

Once you have picked out your new shades of lipstick always remember to match it with a lip liner that matches your new shade, or is one shade darker. A lip liner will help enhance your lips and define them even more.

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