The Best Up-Do’s for Spring

This spring it’s not just about your outfits, but how you choose to wear your hair as well. Regardless of your taste and style when the hot months come it’s inevitable that you’ll be forced (if not by choice) to put your hair up and away from your face and neck. The below looks are not only trendy but also will help keep you cool in the spring/summer heat. Best of all? They barely take any time at all to do!

Low hanging buns-  This spring it’s all about the casual low hanging bun. This look gives you a refined edge and is simple yet sophisticated. You won’t look like you’re trying too hard with this do, but you will look put together and casually chic.


Low, tightly pulled back ponytails- This look, like the one above, is all about looking casually polished. Dress this look up with a great pair of earrings and a graphic blouse and be ready to take on your work day or enjoy a swanky night out with friends.


Sock buns- Okay, so most of you have probably at least heard of the sock bun trend this season. This trendy little hair trick entails cutting an old (clean) sock and placing it over your high ponytail. Simply roll your hair downward and viola, you have the perfect bun! This is a great look for warmer days when you want your hair away from your face and neck. It’s also a great look to wear to work or out on a first date as it gives off an air of sophistication.

Braided bun- This look is for the eclectic hippie-chic individual. Simply braid a piece of hair and twist it into your bun. This adds some personality to the standard up-do and gives an edge to your look. This style can be worn with either a low bun or high bun so it’s very versatile. You can even add an accessory to give this look even more style!


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